World War Z

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The film revolves around the story of Gerry Lane, an UN employee. One day, Gerry Lane with his wife and children are stuck in a traffic jams in the city. Used to be investigator at the UN, Lane realizes this is not an ordinary traffic jam. When helicopters fight in the sky with the hustle of police cars on the street, the city begins to sink in panic. An unidentified virus spreads with astonishing speed and turns healthy people into bloodthirsty zombies, kill each other. The number of people infected is increasing exponentially each day and this quickly becomes a catastrophe on the global scale.

Genres: Action , Adventure , Horror

Cast: Mireille Enos

Directed by: Marc Forster

Country: United States

Duration: 116 min

Quality: HD

Years: 2013

IMDb Score: 7

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